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Raclette Raclette

Cassy Olszewski
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Taste it: every Saturday at the market

If you’re a fan of the slopes, you’ll be familiar with these Alpine dishes that have warmed many hungry tummies after a hard day’s skiing. Cassy Olszewski has now brought the classic tartiflette and raclette to Stroud and given them a local twist by using local products. Big bubbling pans of tartiflette, a cheesy melange of potatoes, bacon and gherkins can be bought to take away or as a cook at home dish. Or try the raclette, oodles of melted cheese scraped off the grill and smothered over rosemary new potatoes, mixed leaves, and homemade pickles.

Although Swiss in origin, the ingredients used at Raclette Raclette are firmly Stroud-based – the meat is always free-range, ingredients are often organic, and locally sourced and produced. The only disposables used are biodegradable ones.

Cassy also offers event catering – please get in touch if you’d like to discuss catering for your event.