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Fresh-n-local – Corona virus

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the temporary closure of all our markets. This is likely to continue throughout April. The Government will review the current lockdown advice in 3 weeks’ time but in all likelihood, we won’t be back before May. We are extremely sorry, but the enforcement of social distancing has proved impossible.

Stroud farmers market food hub

To mitigate the impact of this on as many of our customers and producers as possible we are opening a food hub in the Cornhill Square part of the market. The gates will be closed, and we will be offering a combination of pre order collection and delivery. We will do this in a non online way at first with orders to be emailed and phoned in. To make this viable we will invite every stallholder who would normally sell at the market on Saturdays to drive to Stroud and drop off their produce to the square early on Saturday morning, ready for packing and distribution. We will then organise the produce and a team of us will work to pack for pick up from the market square or delivery during the morning.

We aim to continue the hub throughout the period the market is closed

Customers may wish to contact stallholders direct too, with many of them offering their own home delivery service.

New list and instructions for the Farmers’ market Food Hub – 6th June.

How to use the Saturday Farmers’ market Food Hub 6th June 2020

Please Note; Order deadline Wednesday Midnight!!!

Please read through the instructions below. When collecting your order please queue with consideration of social distancing. For deliveries please consider asking a friend or neighbour to collect your shopping for you. If this is not possible, we will put you down for delivery. We will not be doing long range deliveries.

  1. Ordering. Please read through the list below for the full menu. Please order what you would like from each stallholder. Please try and use the same description as on the list, for each item
  2. Please order by email; The sooner you get your email to us the better for the producers.
  3. Please let us know roughly what time you would like to collect your order and which collection point you would prefer in your email. (please also see if one person can collect for several at once etc)
  4. We will reply to your order email and will give you a time slot for collection and allocate a collection point.
  5. We will have your order and bill ready for you on Saturday when the pickers have boxed your order. We cannot guarantee that your order will be complete. We will do our best.
  6. Due to variable prices of certain products and uncertainty around availability we are unable to give a price before the Saturday, although we are increasing the number of priced items every week.
  7. Please bring your own bags and check your order as you put it in your bags.
  8. Payment can be taken with our contactless card reader machine or please have cash ready in an envelope to pay for your order.
  9. Please don’t bulk buy. We will be doing this every week until the market re opens.
  10. Please put all your orders through us. It is causing a lot of confusion when you order direct from the producer and not through us.
  11. Please have your order with us by Midnight Wednesday. Orders received after the cut off will be unsuccessful. Apologies.

Collecting – we have two collection points, one in Cornhill by the bus stop and the other in Union Street at the market gate.

Supply of produce – Paget’s Veg are back with new season carrots and more and Styans, Coleshill and Hotch Potch have a great selection of early season veg in plentiful supply. 3 bakers plus cake makers. Overton organic eggs. Plants for the garden. Meats from Hinton Marsh, Madgett’s and Adeys Organic. Please note; – ALL ADEYS ORGANIC MEAT ORDERS NEED TO BE IN BY Tuesday 9am

List of producers – Saturday 6th June 2020 Food Hub at the Cornhill

New this week – pippin Doughnuts selection boxes!! Little Hollows Pasta returns!! News season Veg!! Garlic Farm!!

Ascott Gardens – Seasonal flower bouquets £5/£8/£10. Goose eggs £1.60 each, Pots of mixed sweet peas £2.00, Pots of sweet pea matucana  £2.00, Trays of nicotiana sylvestris £7.50, Trays of nicotiana lime green £6.50, Trays of mixed larkspur £6.50, Trays of antirrhinum white admiral £6.50, Catmint (Nepeta walkers low) £6.50, Pots of  rhubarb chard £1.25, Pots of runner beans scarlet emperor £1.50, Pots of borlotti beans £1.50, Courgette green bush or patio star £1.50, Pots of cinnamon or Thai basil £1.25, Pots of leeks £1.25, Pots of double camomile £2.00, Jostaberry £8.50, Boysenberry £9.50, Rhubarb £7.50 each, Large Hazel £14.50, Sweet chestnut £12.50  small £6.50, Euonymus (Spindle berry)£15, £12 or £8.50.

Besley’s Fruit – Strawberries £2.50 (227g paper punnet). Strawberry baskets 680g £6. Strawberry Jam, £2.50

Coleshill Organics – Veg box small £10, Veg Box Large £20, Veg Box small (no potatoes) £10, Veg Box Large (no potatoes) £20. All boxes will have asparagus this week. Loose Produce; Strawberry punnet £3, Asparagus 250g £4, bunch Carrots £2, Lettuce £2 each.

Cotswold Handmade Soap – Soap Bars – Patchouli 75g £4, Lime basil & mandarin 100g £4.50, Geranium 100g £4.50, English Rose 100g £4.50, Tea Tree & Poppy Seed 100g £4.50, Rosemary & Lemongrass 100g £4.50, Raspberry & Peppermint 90g £4.50, Orange & Patchouli 75g £4.00, Wood Sage & Charcoal 100g £4.50, Neroli & Grapefruit 90g £4.50, Lavender & Geranium 75g £4.50, Lavender 100g £4.50, Orange & Ylang Ylang 100g £4.50, Lavender and Tea Tree 100g £4.50. Liquid Soap– Lavender & Geranium 250ml £7.00, Lime, Basil & Mandarin 250ml £7.00.

Days Cottage 75cl unless stated–Green Top Apple Juice – Sweet, Med, Dry £2.60, Gold Top Apple Juice – Med Sweet or Med Dry £3.10, Pear & Apple Juice £3.50, Apple & Elderflower Juice £3.50, Apple & Quince Juice £3.50. Apple & Blackcurrant Juice £3.50, Apple Juice 25cl £1.50, Pear & Apple Juice £1.50. Sparkling Cider– Sweet, Med, Dry £4.00, Sparkling Perry £5.00,. Draught cider, Sweet, Med, Dry, 1 litre containers£3.50, 1L draught Perry £4.00, Cider Vinegar £3.50.

Eleon Fine FoodsUnfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml £6.60, 750ml £7.70, 2.5 litre £20.

Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies – (1) Selection box of four brownies (Plain Chocolate, Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Cheesecake Swirl). £10 (2) Selection box of four vegan brownies (Plain Chocolate, Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Orange) £10 (3) Salted Caramel Box (4 pieces) £10. All brownies are made with gluten free ingredients.

Funky Falafel – Falafel and hummus boxes containing – 8 house falafel and a pot of classic hummus £6, 8 mixed flavoured falafel and a pot of classic hummus £6 NEW – DIY Falafel wrap kit, containing all salads, sauces and a wrap to make yourself at home £7.

Godsell’s Cheeses– Leonard Stanley cheddar, Double Gloucester, Single Gloucester, Holy smoked, Three virgins (Cheshire style), Hooded monk (DG in wax), Cockadilly chilli, Singing granny; all at £3-4 per block

Herbs for Healing – Plants – Onion pack (four plants) 4 x onion plants (2 purple, 2 yellow) £2 per pack. Annual Herb pack (six plants) 1 x chervil, 2 x parsley (1 x flat, 1 x curled), 1 x coriander, 1 x dill, 1 x sweet basil £9.50 per pack. Perennial Herb pack (four plants) 1 x chives, 1 x mint (Moroccan), 2 x thyme (1 x Doone Valley, 1 x Lemon) £12.50 per pack. Leafy Greens pack (four plants) 1 x beetroot, 1 x ruby chard, 1 x swiss chard, 1 x perpetual spinach £4.50 per pack. Salad leaf pack (six plants) 1 x lettuce, 1 x mizuna, 1 x sorrel, 1 x rocket, 1 x endives 1 x yellow leaf purslane £5 per pack. Brassica pack (four plants) 2 x brussel sprouts (Roodnerf), 2 x kale (Nero di Toscani) £4.50 per pack. Tomato pack (four plants) 3 x vine tomatoes (1 x Dr Carolyn Pink, 1 x Galina, 1 x Lotos), 1 x chilli (Basque) £9.50 per pack, Pepper Pack (four plants) : 2 x chilli (Basque), 2 x sweet pepper (‘Purple Beauty’) £10.50 per pack. Cosmetics – Rose Face Cream £16.50. Geranium Face Cream £16.50, Men’s Face Cream £16.50, Soothing Cream £16.50, Infused Oils Healing Ointment £9.50, Bath Oil £10, Massage Oil £16.50, Miraculous Face Oil £16.50, Rose Face Serum £16.50, Face Serum for Mature Skin £16.50..

Hinton Marsh Farm – Half shoulder of lamb £15, Whole shoulder lamb £29, Half Leg of Lamb £17, Whole Leg of Lamb £32, Lamb Merguez sausage £4.50 (pack of 6), Sweet chilli and garlic pork sausage £4 (pack of 6), Classic Pork Sausage £4 (pack of 6), Farmhouse pork sausage £4 pack of 6, Gluten free Toulouse pork sausage £5 (pack of 6), Minced beef 1lb £5, Classic 6oz Beef Burger £3.90 (pack of 2), Steak and mustard seed 6oz Beef Burger £3.90 (pack of 2), Beef Shin 500g £5

Hobbs House – Large Rye £3.80, Sherston £2.80, Sherston Sliced £2.80, Seeded sourdough £3.50,

St. Martin £4.50, St. Martin Sliced £4.50, Severn Seed £3.15, Severn Seed Sliced £3.15, Gift Gluten Free £4.50, 5 seed Spelt, £4.20, Turmeric and Chilli £3.50, Wild White Organic Sourdough £4.20, Fig and Walnut £3.20, Sundried Tomato Loaf £3.50, Ultimate Burger Bun 6 pack £2.50, Lardy cake £1.70, Fruit Scones 4 pack £4.80, Butter Croissant 4 pack £4, Almond Croissant 4 pack £6.80, Chocolate Croissant 4 pack £4.80

Hortons’ Bees and Honey – Selection of honey £5.50 per jar

Hotch Potch OrganicsHotch Potch Organics – Organic produce Cucumbers – £1.10 each; Courgettes – £1.80 (450-550g); Aubergines – priced by weight – £4.20/kg; Agretti – £2.00/150g; Broad Beans (limited) – £1.80/500g; Cherry Tomatoes £1.80/250g; Vine Tomatoes £1.90/500g; Pak Choi £1.60/twin bag; Cima di Rapa – £1.50/bunch; Huazontle (Aztec Broccoli) – £1.20/bunch; Spring Greens – £1.40/300g; Chinese Leaf – £1.20; Little Gem lettuce – £1.40 / twin bag; Mixed Leaf Salad -£1.90/180g; Rocket – £1.60/150g; Radish – £1.00/bunch; Turnips – £1.00/bunch; Perpetual Spinach – £1.50/250g; Fresh Garlic 60p/bulb (with green stem); Spring Onions – £1.20 / bunch; Coriander – £1.00/bunch; Dill-£1.00/bunch. Flowers. Seasonal organic flowers – Posies £5; Bouquets £8 or £10; Cornflowers £3.50. Veg Plants. All pots £1.50 Brassicas – Cavolo Nero; Herbs– Flat-leaved Parsley, Curly Parsley, Sage, Sweet Genovese Basil, Cinnamon Basil; Tomato–Koralik Cherry, Outdoor Girl, Tigerella; Pepper – California Wonder (bell), Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeno, Padron, Ring of Fire, Scotch Bonnet; Squash – Buttercup, Butternut, Crown Prince; Strawberry – Elan; Other –Cardoon, Caucasian Spinach (perennial), Tomatillo

Jess’ Ladies organic Dairy – 1 litre milks: skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole, special breakfast 1.50. Kefir, 750ml (fat free or original full fat) 3.50. 250 ml yoghurt 1.30. 500ml yoghurt 2.50. 1pint cultured buttermilk 1.30. Cream:250 ml single double or extra thick cream 2.50.

Jonathan Crump – Single and Double Gloucester cheese, 250g £4.50, 500g £9

Little Hollows Pasta    Fusilli 500g £6.00, Tagliatelle 200g £3.50, 400g £5.50, Linguine 200g £3.50,

400g £5.50, Agnolotti – Roast Cherry Tomato, Roast Garlic, Mascarpone, Mozzarella, fresh thyme – Box of 10 £6, Cashew and Walnut Pesto 135g £3.50, Tomato, Mascarpone and Fennel Seed Sauce 350g £4.00, Ricciarelli Biscuits 4 for £4.

Madgett’s Farm – Whole chicken, Chicken breast (pack of 2), Chicken thighs (pack of 4), Chicken drumsticks (pack of 6), Chicken Wings, Chicken sausages. Chicken Carcass. Whole duck, Duck breasts (pack of 2), Duck legs (pack of 2), Duck sausages. Pheasant Breasts (pack of 6), Pigeon Breast (pack of 6), Wild Boar – joints, steaks, diced, sausages. Venison – joints, steak, diced, sausages. Whole wild Rabbit, Game Burgers (pack of 4)

Newark Farm Organic –No vegetables until June. Eggs med £2, large £2.20.

Nifty Nut Butters – X Strong Peanut butter (slow roasted peanuts & sea salt): Crunchy or smooth, 1 kilo tub: £11.90, 185g jar: £ 3.80, Almond Butter (100% almonds):Crunchy or smooth, 1 kilo tub: £17.50, 185g jar: £ 5.25. All of our usual range is also available on request.

Olive Stall – £5 per 250g pot – no custom mixed pots! MIX 1 – Lemon & Harissa mixed olives

MIX 2 – Kalamata & Garlic Stuffed, MIX 3 – Basil & Sun dried tomato olives. MIX 4 – Greek Green & Black whole Greek Olives, MIX 5 – Anchovy Stuffed & Lemon Garlic & Coriander Olives, MIX 6 – Almond Garlic & Lemon Stuffed Olives. Single flavour pots – Anchovy Stuffed Olives, Artichoke Hearts, Basil & Garlic Olives, Beldi & Belice, Chemoula Olives, Facon a la Grecque Pitted Olives with herbs and garlic, Garlic Stuffed Olives, Harissa Chilli Olives, Kalamata Pitted Olives, Lemon Garlic & Coriander Olives, Mixed Pitted Greek Olives, Nocellara del Belice, Pistou Olives, Sun Dried Tomato Olives Green, Zhug Olives. NON Olive pots – Sun Dried Tomato. Bell Peppers Stuffed with Feta Cheese, Borettane onions – grilled with Balsamic Vinegar, Gigantes Beans cooked with tomato & herbs, Chilli sweet Garlic, Herb Sweet Garlic

Overton Organic Eggs – Standard egg £1.75, Jumbo egg (limited) £2.40 for 6

Paget’s ProduceSpring Greens bag £1.20, Bunched Carrots £1.50. Bunch Heritage Carrots (multi-coloured) £1.50, Bunch Beetroot £1.50 (all new season)

Pat’s Plants:  Tradescantia ‘Blue ‘n’ Gold’,  Leucanthemum ‘Banana Cream’, Erysimum ‘Sweet Sorbet’,   Hardy Geranium ‘Kashmir Pink’ (3) , Argyranthemum ‘Meteor Red’, , Campanula Medium (Canterbury Bell, mixed colours), Penstemon ‘Husker Red’  Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ all £4.00  (1 litre) pot.     Salvia ‘Golden Delicious’, Catanache ‘Alba’,   Liatris Spicata ‘Alba’,  Penstemon ‘Rich Ruby’ all £4.50 (1 litre) pot.   Delospermum  ‘Topaz’,  Lynchis ‘Nana’,   all £3 (10cm) pot.     ‘Gaillardia ‘Mesa Red’(4),  Gaura ‘Karilee White’,  (2) Rodgersia ‘Heinrichii’ (5), Scabious ‘Ochroleuca’ ( unusual yellow Scabious), Pharalis ‘Artic Sun’ (3) hardy grass, looking fab! Hellebore ‘Augustifolia’ Lobelia ‘Queen Victoria’, (3), Sidalcea ‘Party Girl’, Foxglove ‘Summer Skies’,  all £7.50 (2 litre) pot. Astilbe ‘Red Baron’, Salvia ‘Hot Trumpets’ (1) Hardy Fuschia ‘Ricatonii’ (2) all £8.50 (3 litre) pot.

Pippin Doughnuts – Mixed boxes only Box of 6 £8.75, box of 12 £16; Box 1: 2x Mixed berry jam,  2x Vanilla custard, 1x Chocolate, 1x Cinnamon and brown sugar. Box 2:  2x Mixed berry jam, 2x Chocolate, 1x Vanilla custard, 1x Cinnamon and brown sugar, Box 3:  2x Mixed berry jam, 2x Cinnamon and brown sugar, 1x Vanilla custard, 1x Chocolate, Box 4:  3x Mixed berry jam, 3x Vanilla custard, 3x  Chocolate, 3x Cinnamon and brown sugar.

Plenty! Pies– £4 each – Breton chicken, Shin of beef, Golden beet & bean (vegetarian), Cotswold venison, Coq au vin, Tartiflette.

Selsley Foods Ltd – All jars £4.00 each – Chutneys – Farmhouse Cider, Spiced Plum & Sloe Gin, Chilli Jam, Red Onion Marmalade, Real Ale, Ploughman’s. Chunky Piccalilli, Mango Chutney, Spicy Tomato Chutney. Marmalades – Seville Orange, Three Fruit (orange, grapefruit and lemon), Ginger, Pink Grapefruit & Lemon, Lavender, Whisky. Jams – Raspberry & Sloe Gin, Gooseberry & Elderflower. Dessert Sauces Salted Caramel Sauce, Sticky Toffee Sauce, Irish Cream sauce. Syrups 250ml bottles, £5 Ginger or Vanilla SPECIAL CLEARANCE 250ml bottles; Blackcurrant & Cinnamon Syrup £2, Raspberry & Redcurrant Syrup £2, Sour Cherry & vanilla Syrup £2 (all usually £5.50), Strawberry & Champagne Jam £2.50 (usually £4.00), Chilli Mustard £2 (usually £3) Ginger Beer Kits, Friendship Cake Kits £2.50 each (usually £5).

Stroud BreweryBottles; 500ml £3 each or Case of 12 £33, Budding, Tom Long, LOL Lager, Big Cat Stout. Cans; 330ml £2.50 each or Case of 12 £27.50 Alederflower, Long Table, IPA, Nelson, Schwarzwalder.

Studio Pastry –Pasties £3.50 each – Untraditional beef, Chicken tagine, Wild garlic with single Gloucester, Curried Roast Vegetables, Vegan mole.

Styan Family Produce – Bunched Chard £1.20, Bunch Curly Kale £1.20, Bunch Cavallo Nero £1.20,Asparagus. 250g £3, Cucumbers £1, Classic Tomatoes 500g £2, Cocktail Vine Tomatoes 400g £2.50, Cherry Tomatoes 250g £2, Mixed Cherry Tomatoes 500g £3.50, Yellow cherry vine tomatoes 400g £3.50, Veg box -no potatoes or tomatoes £6, 1 Kg pink for apple potatoes £2 NEW SEASON Bunch Beetroot £1.60.

The Artisan Baker – Organic Large Overnight white £3.50/small £2.50, Organic Stoneground Wholemeal large £3.50/small £2.50, Organic 100% Rye £3, Biodynamic Stoneground Wholemeal £3, Organic Nelson loaf £4.50, Organic Large Sourdough £5/small £3, Organic Ciabatta £2.50, Organic Painswick Sourdough £3.50, Organic Walnut £5, Organic Gluten Free £3.50

The Billowing Loaf – Baguettes de Tradition £2, Wholemeal Sourdough £3, Sicilian Semolina Sourdough £3.50, Spelt Loaf (900g) £3.50, 100% rye Vollkornbrot : German style rye sourdough with toasted sunflower seeds £3, Overnight White Tin loaf £2.50. Overnight White Burger Buns, 125g bun, black and white sesame seed topped 50p each, Bakewell buns (twisted knot bun with inlaid marzipan and raspberry jam) £1.50, Semlor : Swedish cardamom bun stuffed with whipped fresh cream and frangipane £2, Cinnamon swirls £1.50.

The Cotswold Curer – French Style Saucisson £5.00, Fennel/Red Wine Salami £5.00, Black Truffle Salami £6.00, Wild Boar Salami £6.00, Spicy Chorizo £5.00, Pancetta 200g Block £6.00, Green Peppercorn Salami £5.00, Garlic & Chilli Salami £5.00, Sweet Chorizo £5.00, Sopressata £5.00.

The Cotswold Pudding Co. – Sticky Lemon £3.00/£4.50, Sticky Toffee £3.00/£4.50, Sticky Ginger £3.00/£4.50, Sticky Chocolate £3.00/£4.50, Sticky Toffee/Pecan £3.00/£4.50, Gluten Free Lemon Pudding 250g £3.00, Gluten Free Toffee Pudding 250g £3.00

The Garlic Farm – Garlic Bulbs Freshly picked Green Garlic Bulbs (Early Purple) – £2.50 each

Freshly cut Elephant Garlic Scapes (Bunch of 9 stems) – £2.95 each, Gourmet Garlic Bulbs (Iberian Wight) – 2 for £3, Smoked Garlic Bulbs – £2.50 each, Black Garlic Bulbs (Pot of 2 bulbs) – £5.50 each.

Pickles/Chutneys/Mayo/Sauce – £4.50 each Garlic Mayonnaise, A wight Little Pickle, Onion Marmalade (caramelised Red Onion Chutney), Hot Garlic Pickle, BBQ Sauce with Garlic & Smoked Paprika, Roast Garlic Jam, Chilli & Garlic Jam. Garlic Mayo Treats Selection Set – 3 MINI taster jars: Garlic Mayo, Chilli & Garlic Mayo, Toasted Garlic Mayo – £7

The Old Cheese Room – Bybrook – 250g £7.50, 500g £14.00. Lypiatt – charcoaled chèvre style from Organic Jersey cow’s milk – 225g £ 8.00. Wasabi Pearl £4.00. Wild Garlic Spread £4.00. Truffle Pearl £4.50, Jersey Curd 200g £3.60, 500g £9.50, Natural Live Yoghurt 450g £2.20, Baronet 250g £6.75, Baronet 500g £13, Mini Baronet +/- 280g £7.50

Village Maid Cheese – Ewe/Sheep’s milk- Wigmore soft mini (190g-210g) £5, Spenwood hard ewe’s cheese Small (150-200g) £4, Large (250g-300g) £8, Guernsey Cow’s milk, Waterloo mini £5 (190g-210g), Maida Vale ale rinsed cheese, baby £10 (350g), Heckfield hard cheese -Small (150g-200g) £4, Large (250g-300g) £7, “Alpine” semi-hard Swiss style Guernsey cow’s milk cheese – Medium (200g – 250g) £5

Sue Atkins (Windmill Nurseries)GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE OPTIONS– Gingerbread £3.50, Barabrith £3.50, Chewy nutty brownies £3.00, Coconut keto bread £3.50, 4 keto almond bread rolls £2.50, Lemon Polenta Cake £3, Raspberry and Almond cake £3.50, Lemon drizzle cake £3.50. VEGAN OPTIONS: Plain flapjack £2.50, Adventure bread £3.50, 4 Mini Nut roasts £2.50, Chickpea, quinoa, turmeric curry £3.00. All Lb jars £3.50 – Seville marmalade, Stem ginger marmalade, Oxford Marmalade, Strawberry jam, Raspberry jam, Blackcurrant jam, Gooseberry jam, Strawberry gooseberry jam, Marrow Quince Ginger Jam, Lemon Curd (340g, not dairy free). 227g jars £2.50 – Mint Jelly, Quince jelly, Spicy Plum Jelly. Beetroot and Orange Chutney, Quince ginger chutney 340g jars £3. Cheese Lentil Rissoles £3.50 (not dairy free)

The Welsh Cake Lady – Welsh cake varieties; Trad Fruit (£4), Lemon and Poppy seed, Lime and Coconut, Cheese and Bacon Savoury, £4.50 for a pack of 6. Mixed pack £4.50. Seeded oat cakes £2.50 for 10, Barabrith £4.50, Treacle tartlet, Bakewell tartlet, £2.50, Devonshire Apple tray bake. (whole cake £10) Per portion £2. Lemon Drizzle (whole cake £8) £2 per portion. Cake Bags (2 scones, 2 slices of lemon drizzle, 2 slices of Barabrith 1 pack of 6 fruit Welsh cakes and 1 pack of oat biscuit) £12.

Westcountry Coppice charcoal – Small £6. Large £11 and Extra-Large bags £25 (approx. 2.5, 5 and 12.5kg)

Woodchester Valley Vineyard – *New release* Atcombe Red – £15.95, White – Bacchus £12.50, Culver Hill £11.50, Orpheus Bacchus £16.95. Rose – Pinot Rose £13.50, Rose £11.50, Sparkling – Cotswold Classic – £19.95, Reservee Cuvee £25.95. Essentials case (our 6 best sellers, 1 sparkling, 5 still) – £79

Adeys Farm Organic – Organic Dry–cured Bacon etc; Gammon steak, Gammon Joint, Cooked Ham slices (250g packs), Cooked Ham Joints, Smoked Back Bacon, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Unsmoked Back Bacon, Unsmoked Streaky Bacon. Organic Sausages/burger; Traditional- herbs, black pepper, Chipolatas, Gluten-free pork Toulouse, Lamb Merguez Organic Pork, Leg joint, Rolled Shoulder joint, Pork Tudor joint, Pork chops, Loin joint, Belly Joint, Tenderloin fillets, Diced Pork, Minced Pork. Organic Beef; Top rump / Topside, Forerib – French trim, Brisket, Rump Steak, Sirloin Steak, Fillet steak, Braising Steak Diced, Mince Beef. Organic Lamb; varies according to season; Leg joint, Shoulder joint, Loin Chops, Rack, Lean diced lamb, Lean minced lamb.

Welcome to Fresh-n-Local

Fresh-n-Local Farmers’ Markets are award-winning markets that take place in Stroud, Stow, Gloucester and Swindon Outlet. At each market you will find a number of stallholders offering locally-produced and locally-grown goods. Browse the stalls and meet our stallholders, enjoy free samples, discover new tastes and soak up the street festival atmosphere. Our markets make a great day out for anyone interested in supporting local talent…

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All our markets are stocked with great stalls selling the local produce that we know, love and trust.

  • Stroud – every Saturday 9-2pm
  • Gloucester – every Friday 9-3pm
  • Swindon Outlet – every Sunday 10-4pm
  • Stow on the Wold – every 2nd Thursday of the month 9-1pm

Fresh-n-Local Farmers’ Markets run by Made in Stroud Ltd are certified by FARMA (The National Farm Retail and Markets Association) as genuine farmers’ markets where you can buy local food direct from the producer.

2020 looks to be yet another fabulous year for Farmers’ Markets with markets brimming with stalls of the finest local produce in the region.

A menu of Artisan food producers and locally based farmers makes for a sumptuous cocktail of the finest produce available in one place at one time.

Amazing breads and cheeses, organic and free-range livestock, super fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits and an array of local bakers, picklers, brewers and makers make farmers’ markets THE place to get your weekly shop.

With produce going in and out of season through the year the markets are a constantly changing delight.

We look forward to welcoming you to world of local flavour.