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Fresh-n-local farmers Markets Update

Dear Friends,

We will continue to run our markets throughout the current lockdown. Stroud and Gloucester will be running throughout January and February and Stow on the Wold will be returning too, in February.

We will be working hard to make our markets safe for shopping and we ask that customers avoid long journeys to markets, instead going to their local markets for their weekly shop. Please be aware current guidelines are that people should not mingle and congregate, so please focus on coming to the markets for a quick shop.

We know markets are social places but during this current lockdown we need to keep the markets safe.

Be assured that being out in the fresh air is a much safer way to shop.

As ever, we aim to bring you the best local produce, week after week.

Ordering through the Farmers Market Food Hub

If you are not able to attend the farmers market in Stroud in person we are able to offer a pre order and pick up scheme or a delivery service.

To find out more please email

Welcome to Fresh-n-Local

Fresh-n-Local Farmers’ Markets are award-winning markets that take place in Stroud, Stow, Gloucester and Swindon Outlet. At each market you will find a number of stallholders offering locally-produced and locally-grown goods. Browse the stalls and meet our stallholders, enjoy free samples, discover new tastes and soak up the street festival atmosphere. Our markets make a great day out for anyone interested in supporting local talent…

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All our markets are stocked with great stalls selling the local produce that we know, love and trust.

  • Stroud – every Saturday 9-2pm
  • Gloucester – every Friday 9-3pm
  • Swindon Outlet – every Sunday 10-4pm
  • Stow on the Wold – every 2nd Thursday of the month 9-1pm

Fresh-n-Local Farmers’ Markets run by Made in Stroud Ltd are certified by FARMA (The National Farm Retail and Markets Association) as genuine farmers’ markets where you can buy local food direct from the producer.

2020 looks to be yet another fabulous year for Farmers’ Markets with markets brimming with stalls of the finest local produce in the region.

A menu of Artisan food producers and locally based farmers makes for a sumptuous cocktail of the finest produce available in one place at one time.

Amazing breads and cheeses, organic and free-range livestock, super fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits and an array of local bakers, picklers, brewers and makers make farmers’ markets THE place to get your weekly shop.

With produce going in and out of season through the year the markets are a constantly changing delight.

We look forward to welcoming you to world of local flavour.