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Bath Soft Cheese Company

Graham Padfield
Park Farm
T: 01225 331601


Park Farm in Kelston is home to an array of award-winning organic cheeses, including the famous Bath Soft Cheese and Wyfe of Bath Cheese.

We sell at Stroud farmers' market
Bath Blue – A classic blue veined cheese made from the milk of our own organic cows. Ripened in our traditional stone built rooms for eight to ten weeks to give a creamy blue veined taste.

Bath Soft – This square cheese is soft and yielding with a white bloomy rind, once cut into it reveals an ivory coloured interior. The flavour is mushroomy and creamy with a hint of lemons.

Wyfe of Bath – Succulent, nutty and creamy. This semi-hard cheese is redolent of buttercups and summer meadows. It is made by placing the curd in cloth lined baskets, it retains the basket shape and has a soft light caramel colour. It is made with vegetarian rennet.

Kelston Park – White mould ripened round in shape. Suitable for cutting into wedges. The Cheese takes its name from the parkland where our cows often graze. It’s greater depth ensures that it retains more fruity, lemon and citrus flavours.
Our produce is also available from Bath Farmers Market, Tobacco factory, Whiteladies farmers mkts, Borough Market and various London Markets.

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