Wednesday 10th June 2015

Over Farm had a total sell out last Saturday, much to their delight. Waiving a bag of tomatoes around at five past two and shouting “please buy our last tomatoes” seemed to do the trick and there was some genteel celebration (arm waving and air punching) from the ladies behind the stall. As they had rhubarb and strawberries on sale I’m wondering if there are any other Rhubarb and Strawberry crumble fans out there? Crumble is a bit wintery, I know, but I find the sweet and sour fruity tang created by the mixture of the two irresistible and you can always have a blob of ice cream or cold cream on it instead of custard.

It’s common knowledge that certain berries are nutrition powerhouses, but when it comes to fighting a vast array of diseases and health problems, few berries stack up to the strawberry in terms of sheer health potency. From combating inflammation and controlling diabetes, to protecting cognitive function and improving heart health, strawberries can bolster your body’s health in countless ways. Strawberries are available from Over Farm, Besley’s and Coleshill Organic at the moment.

Stainswick Farm rapeseed oils are in this Saturday for their monthly spot. I love their honey and mustard salad dressing on Coleshill’s fabulous Organic lettuces and their oil is available in half litre bottles up to 5 litre tins. We’ve never had an application to sell local sunflower oil so rapeseed is still the only local cooking oil available. It’s had an amazing rise to prominence considering it was pretty much unheard of until 2006 when R Oil brought the cold pressed oil to prominence. In 40 years national production has jumped from a few thousand tonnes to over 2 million tonnes today; with production doubling in the last 10 years.

Elsewhere on Saturday we are cake-tastic with Faithfull’s Quality Baking and Fair and Square Chocolate Brownies and we have the Old Cheese Room and Potted Game too.