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Wiltshire Chilli Farm

Jamie Smythes
Wiltshire Chilli Farm
62 Southbrook Road
Gloucestershire, SN12 8DT
T: 07799 627974



The Wiltshire Chilli Farm differentiates itself from hot sauce producers in a number of ways, one of our most important aspects is that we grow our own chillies here on our farm in Wiltshire.

We grow a wide range of chillies from the famous Jalapeno to the blisteringly hot Scotch Bonnet and the military grade 7 pots. We mainly use our chillies in the variety of products we produce, but also grow some varieties just for fun.
Click the links below to find out a little more about the chillies which we grow. If you would like any further information about any of the peppers please get in touch using our contact form, on our Facebook page or via Twitter.

We attend Stroud and Swindon farmers markets.