The Old Cheese Room

Julianna Sedli

Neston Park Home Farm
Corsham, Wiltshire


Artisan cheese maker Julianna Sedli from Hungary makes her exceptional Reblochon style cheese here at Neston Park Home Farm using Organic pasteurised milk from our Jersey Herd.

From her farming background in Hungary Julianna started making cheese in Indiana, USA in 2004 where she made 21 different varieties  of Goats cheese. Her fame lead to a cheese being named after her.

Arriving in the UK in 2006 Julianna spent time at Neals Yard covent garden but following her passion she made her way to Somerset and continued working with goat’s cheese at Sleight Farm.

In 2010 Julianna first came across the rich Jersey milk at the local farmers market and this was the beginning of Baronet. In May 2011 the cheese room at Neston park was refurbished and “The Old Cheese Room” was established.


Based on a reblochon recipe this rich buttery cheese has a washed rind. The rind is washed regularly until it develops its distinctive colouring, maturing in 4 weeks. The structure of the cheese depends on the milk and the season. Slightly firmer in the spring and summer when the cows are out grazing the glover and creamier for the rest of the year.

Jersey Curd

It is much loved for its freshness and silky texture. Jersey curd is a cream cheese which has a hint of lemon.

Wasabi Pearl

A delicious cream cheese with a gentle kick.

Truffle Pearl

The Jersey Curd with Italian black truffle. A delicate fresh creamy cheese with a gentle aroma of truffle which leaves a lasting subtle taste.

For more information please contact Julianna on 0753 106 0936