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Lishkins Preserves

Kyrah Lishman
Lishkins Preserves
19 Old Aust Road
BS32 4HJ
T: 01454 201986



Lishkins Preserves brings you a quality selection of home made Extra jams, chutneys, marmalades, cheeses and jellies. Most of the fruit and vegetables used in my produce has been home grown without the use of pesticides and fertilisers ensuring the highest quality and flavour is achieved every time. Lovingly prepared in my own "council certified" kitchen and packaged in new jars, customers can buy with confidence that every step has been taken to ensure they receive a quality safe product, yet made in the traditional "homegrown" method.

We sell at Stroud, and Nailsworth farmers' markets.

Lishkins total produce range of over 75 flavours, including 20 varieties of chutneys, cheeses and jellies (and growing), jams containing a minimum of 50% fruit entitling it to the label "Extra Jam", recent additions of diabetic friendly jams and a wide variety of marmalades ranging from Seville through to Southern Comfort. I believe that few "homemade" preserve and chutney producers can offer such diverse offering, all packaged beautifully with cloth tops and ribbon bows.

We sell at Farmers Markets in Stroud and Nailsworth we also sell at Bath Green Park Station on the last Friday of the month.