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Feld Fere Produce

Mrs Riz Gibbs-Atkins
Wells Brook Farm
Sidings Lane
Evesham, WR11 7ZN
T: 01386 49877



We have an 18 Acre Farm producing meats and cheeses from our herd of goats. Based at Evesham, Worcestershire, we use all our milk to create our artisan cheese.
Rearing our meat in a stress free natural environment.

We sell at Gloucester Farmers Market

We pasteurise our own goats milk to produce lovely Handmade Soft Goats Cheese, we also make one with fragrant herbs!.

Our Billy Banger Goat Sausages and The Billy Banger MERGUEZ spicy sausages are sure to make your mouth water.
We also sell goats meat for you to make your own fantastic meals with.