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Beard and Sabre Cider


Tom Dunn
T:07496 590637


Try it: Swindon every week, Stroud Christmas Markets

“Leading the craft cider revolution”

Beard and Sabre Cider company was founded in September 2015 by the most unlikely couple of friends, Thomas Dunn, an ex-naval officer and Angus Sales, an archaeologist. Both shared the same vision: beautiful, craft, revolutionary cider, made from 100% apples. Nothing more, nothing less.

The drinks are unique in that the juice is collected from a special blend of apples that have been pressed in a traditional rack and cloth press. This is then pumped into 1,000 litre containers, with no filters, no chemicals. Yeast is added to the juice and the containers are sealed and left to ferment.

It is the fermentation process that turns the apple juice into cider. After fermentation each 1,000 litre container is pumped into fresh containers to remove a lot of the sediment that would be otherwise undrinkable, to create a much clearer product.

Whether it’s the dry Applesmuggler, the still Yardarm, the medium Berrymaster or the sweet Dark Raven, this is pure Gloucestershire craft cider at its finest.