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As the Crows Fly

Bee Hayes

As the Crows Fly is a design business run by Bee Hayes in Bristol, who specialises in porcelain, creating wheelthrown and slipcast tableware in a variety of ranges:

Monochrome Espresso Ware: a range of pared down simple pieces for coffee drinking in hand-polished black or white porcelain with volcanic black and white glaze effects inside.

Botanical Illustrated Porcelain: timeless hand-thrown porcelain mugs, jugs, bowls and serving bowls hand-decorated in delicate peapod and dandelion designs, glazed with celadon greens and blues.

Art Deco Nasturtium: hand-thrown porcelain with bold 1930s inspired hand-painted nasturtium designs.

Midcentury Modern: clean lines and bold colours in vases, storage jars and jugs are produced in tactile hand-polished slip cast porcelain.

Bee researches and creates one or two new ranges each year, as well as updating shapes in response to trends and customer feedback to ensure products are always popular and presenting new lines and aspects of her work.

She also produces home-ware ranges on Stoke-on-Trent fine bone china using original illustrations to create a more affordable and everyday range of designs. This includes breakfast sets, dinner plates and varying sizes of mugs and jugs and tea towels.