Sweet Treats

With Easter just around the corner, it’s all about the chocolate! But if you’re looking for something a bit more special, get your chocolate fix with one of these locally-made goodies…

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Katie Crunch Fudge
With only a few months of trading at the market, Kathryn Baker has already developed quite a following for her bold and creatively-flavoured fudge. And what flavours they are ­– the core range includes crystallised ginger; white chocolate, lemon and poppyseed; dark chocolate and chilli; peanut butter, vanilla and seasalt; white chocolate, tonka bean and seasalt as well as traditional classic fudge. Added to that are seasonal varieties with a fabulous seeded honey fudge in development for spring. The fudges may sound exotic but the key to their great flavour and texture is simple – lots of old fashioned stirring in big pans on the aga of her Cotswold kitchen!

Chocolate fix: especially for Easter, the milk chocolate and hazelnut fudge is created using Kathryn’s home-made nutella!

Cotswold Pudding Co
Even if you’ve gorged on chocolate eggs over Easter, there’s still always room for a sticky pudding for dessert. Hand-made in the Cotswolds using local ingredients, this range of traditional puds is the real deal and includes sticky chocolate, sticky toffee, sticky lemon, sticky ginger, sticky toffee and toasted pecan. Each has a remarkably light sponge with an indulgent sticky sauce waiting to be discovered below. The sticky toffee and sticky lemon also come in gluten free versions.

Chocolate fix: the sticky chocolate orange pudding combines a rich chocolate orange sponge with a luxurious orange and Swiss chocolate sauce.

Sweet Hearts
The name says it all really – this stall is full of indulgent treats that you’ll love! Fluffy meringues, gooey brownies, hand-made confectionary… it’s a Willy Wonka paradise, and you can expect some special treats just for Easter – dark chocolate eggs filled with seasalt caramels and milk chocolate eggs filled with hazelnut seasalt caramels. It all started when two sisters joined forces after starting their families, to create a bespoke catering business with an emphasis on local ingredients. Products include gluten-free and sugar-free cakes too.

Chocolate fix: the Easter brownies – white chocolate brownies covered in milk chocolate mini eggs are heaven!

Pippin Doughnuts
Regular market goers will know that to enjoy one of Pippin’s legendary doughnuts you need to arrive early or expect to be disappointed! Created by pastry chefs, Jim and Carol, the traditional yeast-raised doughnuts are made fresh everyday using flour from Oxfordshire. The dough is proved twice to give a good flavour and texture and then fried and filled with home-made fillings which include traditional favourites such as tangy raspberry jam, refreshing lemon curd and creamy vanilla custard as well as more unusual flavours such as seasonal rhubarb and vanilla jam.

Chocolate fix: the rich chocolate ganache-filled doughnut will satisfy any chocolate cravings for weeks!

Fair and Square Brownies
These awesome brownies tick all the right boxes – fabulously gooey and indulgent, they are all made with locally milled gluten-free flour, local butter and eggs, and contain no less than 55% cacao from Fairtrade chocolate and Fairtrade cocoa butter. Does it get any better? Well yes – the range of brownies is mouth-wateringly impressive and includes raspberry, salted caramel, black cherry and walnut. What’s more, dairy free brownies can be ordered in advance and brought to the market for collection.

Chocolate fix: you can’t beat the pretty-much perfect classic chocolate brownie made with 55% Fairtrade cocoa.