Spotlight on: World Cuisine

A journey around Stroud Farmers’ Market takes you to all four corners of the globe…

Go on a global adventure this autumn and enjoy all the different flavours that are on offer at Stroud Farmers’ Market. From east to west and north to south, here are some of our favourites…

Middle East: Za Za Maroc

Fans of this hugely popular falafel stall already know that you have to be there early to avoid disappointment! The falafels are made from whole chickpeas, soaked overnight, and combined with different herbs and spices to bring a tempting variety to the market each Saturday. You could stick with the house falafels but if your tastebuds want to venture further afield, try the sweet potato, the beetroot or the garlic varieties too. The falafels are gluten-free and vegan and if you buy a bag of them, will keep in the fridge for a couple of days. But you can’t beat eating them warm and freshly cooked, either in a salad box or enveloped in a satisfyingly chewy flatbread and stuffed with salads and coleslaw and doused in Za Za Maroc’s home-made sauces and houmous.

Bangladesh: Saira’s South Asian Savouries

Created by Saira Banu, this is traditional South Asian street food with a twist. Originally from Bangladesh, Saira uses the influences of her home country as well as Pakistan and India to give her food its distinct flavour, combining Asian spices with ingredients found at Stroud Farmers’ Market. Appetisers include lamb and vegetable samosas, dahl puri, spring rolls, spinach pakoras and onion bhajis. For her curries, Saira has experimented using British produce and her spinach and rhubarb curry, served with chana dahl, is a sell-out every week. Other curries include aubergine and potato, mixed vegetable and lentil and minced lamb, pea and potato.  All the curries are gluten-free and gluten-free appetisers are clearly marked.

Thailand: Niang’s Thai Snacks

This family-run catering business, headed by Niang Deethwa, serves up authentic Thai street food using recipes passed down from generation to generation. With the help of her four daughters, Niang creates her Thai street foods from locally sourced ingredients, using the finest herbs and spices. You’ll find chicken satay, vegetable spring rolls and spicy pork cakes, as well as delicious curries (green, yellow, Panang) served with homemade sauces, rice or noodles every Saturday at Stroud Farmers’ Market. All curries are wheat and gluten-free and vegetarian and vegan dishes are available. Dishes are also suitable for home freezing, so come and stock up ready for the next time you fancy a take-away!

Deep South: Tubby Tom’s hot sauces (4th Saturday)

Whether it’s pulled pork, babyback beef ribs or crispy chicken wings, no American-style grill would be complete without these hot smokin’ sauces and rubs. Created by chef Thomas Hughes, and initially sold at Stroud Farmer’s Market, the products have quickly found national and international fame. The quirky bottles are as cheeky as the hot sauces inside – while most of us would be happy with the best-selling The Squealer, if you’re feeling a bit more daring, you could try the Ghost Town, but only the bravest can handle the Death Dust, a BBQ rub using the world’s hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper – you have been warned!

Switzerland: Raclette Raclette

If you’re a fan of the slopes, you’ll be familiar with these Alpine dishes that have warmed many hungry tummies after a hard day’s skiing. Cassy Olszewski has now brought the classic tartiflette and raclette to Stroud and given them a local twist by using local products. Big bubbling pans of tartiflette, a cheesy melange of potatoes, bacon and gherkins can be bought to take away or as a cook at home dish. Or try the raclette, oodles of melted cheese scraped off the grill and smothered over rosemary new potatoes, mixed leaves, and homemade pickles.

India: Girish’s Vegan Indian Food

If you’re after authentic Indian food, this is your stall – Girish, from Gujarat in western India, learnt to cook from his mother and sister whose tried and tested recipes he recreates at the Farmers’ Market every Saturday. These include creamy dal and rice, warming samosas and vegetable curries but Girish has also given a Stroud twist to Indian food with his popular onion bhaji wraps. Also available as gluten free options, they are a revelation ­– it’s a wonder no-one thought of doing it sooner!