Have you met: Overton Organic Eggs

Every week, Andrew and Lucy Martin bring us the freshest, tastiest organic eggs from their flock of 4,000 free range hens. Here they tell us about the importance of rearing happy hens and the best way to enjoy their eggs.

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Who runs Overton Organic Eggs?

We are a large family with five children ranging from seven to 17 years old so it is very much a family-run business and everyone plays their part.

Where are you based?

We are based in Arlingham just in the horseshoe of the River Severn.

What type of birds do your eggs come from?

The birds we have are Lohmann Browns; they are a standard red/brown chicken.

How many hens do you have?

We have approximately 4,000 birds at any one time.

How many eggs do you collect a week?

We hope that the birds will lay at 80% production but this is dependent on their age, weather conditions and our husbandry.

Describe the conditions your birds live in?

The birds are grass-fed with access to 10 acres of pasture. They have an organic feed which means all the components of the diet are organically sourced and GM free.

We are governed by the Soil Association standards which means the birds live under the highest welfare standards, for instance they do not have their beaks tipped, have more area in the house and perches. They are free to range during the daylight hours and will be allowed access to pasture by 10 to 12 weeks of age depending on weather. They have to be free range to be organic.

Describe your eggs?

Our customers tell me the eggs are very tasty; we believe this is because they are fresh and the birds spend their days outside, free to come and go as they please and forage what they need.

Why should we buy organic eggs?

Buying organic eggs is a consumer choice. By doing so, people are choosing to support the welfare of the bird, which is able to roam freely and have a larger area to do so. An organic egg is produced by a happy hen, and we would not produce our eggs in any other way.

What is your favourite way to enjoy your eggs?

My favourite way to enjoy eggs is poached just after the egg has been laid.

Overton Organic Eggs visit the market every Saturday with their freshly laid eggs