Have you met The Artisan Baker

Ori Hellerstein, aka The Artisan Baker, creates a number of unique loaves which always sell out each week at the Farmers’ Market. Here’s why:

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Who is the Artisan Baker?
Ori Hellerstein, a classically French-trained chef who specialised in pastry and baking in London restaurants before moving out to Gloucestershire to start The Artisan Baker in 2012.

How many different types of bread do you bring to the market each week?
We make about 15 different types of bread, including the award-winning Nelson Loaf, our popular gluten free loaf, a classic ciabatta, and a 100% rye bread. We bake anywhere between 300-400 loaves a week and I usually sell out.

What is your most popular bread?
The Nelson Loaf is the best seller. It contains six different types of seeds plus oats and a small amount of organic flour… it’s quite unique. It has a small amount of molasses and so a slightly sweet taste. I recommend eating it with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or lashings of butter.

Which bread would you recommend for a sociable summer lunch?
Ciabatta, it’s easy to ‘tear and share’, which is the best thing to do with bread. 

Which bread would you recommend for toasting?
The Painswick Loaf – it’s a rye starter with a hint of tea – the flavour comes out beautifully when it’s toasted. I suggest serving it with a hard cheese.

Why are your breads particularly special?
We only use organic flour which is locally sourced; I make them all by hand in small batches and think about the flavour and texture of every loaf as I do it. I love developing flavours and so we have a number of unique loaves like the Painswick and Nelson loaves.

What’s in your gluten free loaf?
It’s an interesting loaf as the psyllium husk I use mimics gluten and so makes a really genuine texture of bread. It also has a great taste – often difficult to find in gluten free loaves, given here by the rapeseed oil and linseeds. It’s best toasted when it turns almost crumpet-like, and I recommend smothering it in raspberry jam.

Which is your favourite bread and why?
I love the focaccia. I make a huge slab for the market and cut it into eight pieces – it’s a great show-stopper for passers by. It’s a versatile loaf which is great for salads or soups and I love the earthy-ness the rapeseeds oil gives it.