Have you met: SALT Bakehouse

New to the market, SALT Bakehouse has been wowing customers each week with their fantastic and innovative range of loaves and pastries. Anneliese Salter explains what makes the products so popular…

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How did SALT Bakehouse come about?

Following the death of our father, Rod Salter, we were determined to make his plans reality by creating SALT Bakehouse using our family name. We truly are a family affair, with mum Annette overseeing the operation of the business, me taking care of finances and my brother Dominic producing bread and pastries with immeasurable amounts of passion and flair.

What makes your bread special?

Our bread stands out due to our bakery size and family (and extended family) members’ input. We are small enough to roll with the seasons, quite literally, and innovate on a weekly basis. We bake from the heart and from scratch using history to show us the best way and not to be swayed by time-saving processes and chemicals. Our bread is made from basic ingredients, enhanced by innovation.

We also use high quality, locally sourced ingredients and have put together a top team who share our vision for local high quality products.

What awards have you won?

We came home from the 2014 Tiptree World Bread awards with a category winner, one gold, one silver and one bronze and Dominic scooped baker of the Year 2016 at the BIA Industry awards. In 2017, we won again with our Ciabatta (Stroud Wild), our cruffins (a cross between a croissant and a muffin) and the Stroud Francisco sourdough.

What is your best-selling loaf?

We have many best-selling loaves depending on our offering and season but the staples are Stroud Francisco and the Imperial Wild. We weave our favourite flavour combinations into our bread to produce something exciting. Our pastries, made with real butter, are an assault on your taste buds in a good way! The best-seller is our cruffin, which we recreated after seeing them made in America but have added a UK twist. We love talking about what we do and love the feedback we get from our customers.