Have you met: Katy Crunch Fudge

With its inventive flavours and fully biodegradable packaging, this award-winning fudge makes life really sweet…

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  1. Who is Katie Crunch?

Katie Crunch alias Kathryn Baker from Chalford. Local fudge maker, happily married to Martin, my market side-kick, for 23 years. Mum of two boys, Charlie 15 and Harry 12.

  1. How did Katie Crunch Fudge come about?

KC came about from a love of cooking handed down from mum and Nan. I was given my Nan’s old toffee recipe several years ago and decided to try making it as Christmas presents for teachers at school. My first attempt wasn’t actually that successful! It wasn’t quite toffee or fudge, so I decided it was actually foffee! Luckily I got better at it and started making fudge and other various confectionery, such as Rocky Road for local events and school fairs. When I was asked by a friend to make fudge as Christmas gifts for her staff it got me thinking that maybe I could do this for a living.

  1. What makes your fudge special?

I like to think that KC is special as it is a handmade product, each batch lovingly made the old fashioned way, using fresh, natural ingredients. Conversely, I wanted my packaging to stand out from the crowd, to be bright and funky, quite different from the more traditional packaging out there.

  1. How many bars do you make a week?

On a typical market week I make on average 150 bars. Everything is done by me from the shopping and stirring to the cutting and wrapping.

  1. What awards have you won recently?

The last award I won was a Great Taste Gold Star award in 2016 for my Double Espresso & Walnut Fudge. I haven’t entered for the last two years due to other commitments, but intend to enter again next year. Last year I was also a finalist in the Muddy Stilletoes Awards in the Category of Best Local Food Producer.

  1. Which is your most popular flavour?

I think my most popular flavour is probably Crème Brûlée, from what I call my core range, which consists of eight flavours available all year round. I also produce another seven limited edition flavours, such as Seeded Honey in Summer and Salted Treacle in Autumn.

  1. Which flavour should visitors to the market try next?

If visitors to the market haven’t tried my White Chocolate, Lemon & Poppy Seed, another summer limited edition, they should definitely try that, it’s one of my favourites! The kitchen always smells so lovely and fresh when I make it. Also my new Mocha flavour, a creamy chocolatey fudge with an undertone of espresso.

  1. You have some very unusual ingredients – how do you come up with such new and inventive creations?

I am quite food obsessed, so am always interested in new flavours and take inspiration from recipes I read (I read a lot of recipes!) and the food I eat and love… like the flavour of tonka beans and rose petals. Sometimes I’ll be eating something delicious and be thinking could I make these flavours work in a fudge.

  1. What new flavours have you got in the pipeline?

I made some super spicy fudges for a local chilli company a while ago – one of the ideas I had was for a Thai inspired chilli fudge, I haven’t tried it yet, but it would include coconut, kaffir lime and chilli… sounds a bit weird but I think that could work.

  1. Your packaging is fully biodegradable/recyclable – why was this important to you?

So much unnecessary waste is produced from packaging, I really wanted everything I make to be compostable or recyclable. I am only a very small company, but if everyone does their little bit together we can make a huge difference.