Have you met: Gloucester Brewery

This popular micro brewery based in Gloucester Docks produces a variety of fine ales using exciting new hops from around the world. Discover more here…

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How did Gloucester Brewery come about? Gloucester Brewery was formed in 2011 by Jared Brown; believe it or not, the whole idea came about over a pint in a pub!

What is your most popular beer? The old fav is Gloucester Gold, always a winner – light and hoppy, a refreshing pint at the end of the day!

Which beers do you bring to Stroud Farmers’ Market? We bring a selection of our beers to the market; some from our core range, such as Gloucester Gold, and some from our more experimental range, such as Chinook.

Which beer would you recommend visitors to the market should try? Try all of them, if you have time of course! However, one of my personal favs is the Galaxy – a powerful golden ale with the wonderful Australian hops.

How much beer do you produce a week? We are a 10-barrel microplant and have the ability to produce up to 5,400 litres per week as we have three fermentation tanks.

There are an increasing number of micro breweries in the UK – why do you think there is this renewed interest in craft beer? It offers a new and exciting choice to the market, noticeably with the new and interesting flavours and ingredients, such as hops from America and Asia making an appearance. Also, people want to see more variety when they go to the pub, and only micro breweries can offer that dynamic choice, with their different ranges of beer.