Festive meat

The best meat for your table this Christmas…

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Orders are now being taken from the following stalls, ready for pre-Christmas collection on 23rd December – so get your orders in now!

Frocester Fayre: The Hawkins family are busy at this time of year. As well as Christmas turkeys, you can find top quality joints of beef from the farm’s own pasture-fed Aberdeen Angus cattle, gammon and pork from home-reared pigs as well as local lamb.  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without pigs in blankets which are available to order, or try one of their sumptuous seasonal pies for Boxing Day ­– Christmas pie with apricots and sausages or pork pie and cranberry.

Adeys Organic Farm: Choose from a range of pedigree organic meat from animals bred and reared at Caroline Wilson’s Berkley farm. Special cuts includes Gloucester Old Spot gammon and pork loin roasts as well as Aberdeen Angus rib of beef, sirloin porterhouse and rump joints. Don’t forget your accompaniments – sausages, chipolatas and sausage meat, with gluten-free options available too.

Madgetts Ducks and Geese: if you fancy something a bit different for Christmas this year, this is your place! As well as free-range bronze turkeys, geese, ducks and chicken, all reared on the farm, you might find local wild boar, venison, pheasant and partridge. Jan has been selling at Stroud for over 14 years now and has developed quite a following for her great-tasting meat. The fowl are fed a natural diet and grown slowly to reach full maturity, which creates fat marbling throughout the meat to give a fantastic flavour. The geese, ducks and turkeys are dry-feathered and plucked which helps to ensure crispy skin and all-round great tasting meat.

Monmouthshire Organic Turkeys: Juliet and Caroline Holt-Wilson have been rearing organic bronze dry-aged turkeys on their farm for over 25 years. Being organic, the turkeys enjoy exceptional levels of animal welfare: they are grown slowly from being hatched, and fed on a GM-free organic diet without the use of routine antibiotics. The birds enjoy an active free-range lifestyle and are allowed to reach full maturity, both of which improve the moistness, texture and flavour of the meat. The birds are traditionally prepared on the farm, dry-plucked and dry-aged: whole turkeys or crowns with giblets are available.

Hinton Marsh Farm: there’s a full festive offering from Hinton Marsh Farm this Christmas with the Christmas hamper. This represents a cost-effective way to make sure you’ve got everything covered and includes a free-range bronze turkey, chipolatas, sausage meat and streaky bacon, PLUS a roasting kit that includes all the accompaniments you need such as rich gravy, cranberry sauce, turkey glaze and home-made stuffing. You can of course buy the turkeys individually, or opt for goose, and choose your own selection of sausage meat and chipolatas – gluten-free options available too.

The Stowe Herd: get all your pork-related goodies from Steve and Kelly Turley’s pedigree Gloucester Old Spot herd. Free-range meat includes generous gammon joints, tasty bacon, sausages and home-made pork pies.

Vegetarian delights: of course, not everyone wants meat for Christmas and the Farmers’ Market has plenty of vegetarian options available too. Try the Veggie Deli for a range of nut roasts, lentil burgers and other goodies, both vegan and non-vegan, or take a look at Asparagasm’s incredible creations for the latest in cutting edge vegan and raw food cuisine.