Bonfire Night bangers

Celebrate UK Sausage Week from 29th October-4th November with one of these sizzling snags… and don’t forget to pick up a freshly cooked hot dog next time you’re at the market!

Hinton Marsh Farm: with over 25 pork sausages on offer, you’re sure to find a favourite at this popular stall. Made from Tamworth pork, flavours include the warming ginger and leek, the herby Old English, tangy caramelised red onion and red pepper and the tasty cracked black pepper and sage. There are four gluten free options to choose from, including seasonal chipolatas, four lamb sausages, and five innovatively flavoured beef sausages.

Best banger: the award-winning gluten free pork and apple sums up autumn in a mouthful!

Adeys Organic:

If you’re after organic sausages, head to Adey’s Organic where all the meat is organically farmed and produced. Most popular are the traditional herby and pork and leek varieties, but for something a bit spicier, why not try the gluten free spicy lamb merguez or gluten free herby Toulouse?

Best banger: enjoy the classic pairing of lamb and rosemary

Frocester Fayre: the Hawkins family has been farming the land at Frocester since 1895, and in 2000 opened a farm shop and licensed butcher’s. There’s a range of sausages to choose from including traditional pork sausages with cider, apricot, or apple or the more innovative Gloucester with ginger, sage and mixed spice, Frocester hillbillies, blended with chilli and cheese, and a fiery pork, chorizo and sweet chilli number. There’s also a good selection of gluten free, lamb and beef sausages too.

Best banger: with its blend of pork, red wine, smoked bacon and parsley, Old Noggers is comfort food in one bite

Madgetts Farm: don’t expect your typical pork sausages at this stall – Madgetts are renowned for their duck and poultry products. That means plenty of chicken sausages in a variety of flavours – lemon and thyme, sage and onion and chilli and leek, but flavours do change weekly and there’s a rather delightful duck sausage flavoured with orange and cranberry. Check out the wild boar sausages too.

Best banger: the wild boar sausage with apple is an exciting alternative to the usual

The Stowe Herd: specialising in Gloucester Old Spot and Welsh pigs, Kelly and Steve Turley are rather renowned for their great-tasting sausages. As well as plain sausages, flavoured varieties include chilli, pork and leek, cracked black pepper and cheese and onion.

Best banger: with just a hint of cracked black pepper, this is the perfect breakfast sausage