Wednesday 15th July 2015

Hooray! I am so happy to announce that the local Cherry season has begun!

A customer asked me about it on Saturday and I was delighted to inform him that I had received the call from Court Farm on the Friday. Ironically the timing of the fruit’s readiness means that the first opportunity for Stroudies to purchase the sweet, juicy purple “petite boule” will be at the Farmers Market’s new sister market on Wednesday, where Court Farm will be bringing their full range of soft fruits, including raspberries and currants. I seem to remember harping on enthusiastically about the cherry season in previous years so this year I’ll just say this; cherries straight off the farm are not like cherries from the “supers”; the cherries from Court Farm are outstanding; the season lasts about 4 weeks; NOW IS THE TIME!

One thing (one of the many I should say!) that is selling extremely well at the moment at the market are the fresh cut flowers. The self-effacing Julian Harvard is an outstanding professional at this game, one of very few I imagine, an absolute expert and perfectionist and what this delivers is an unrivalled output of superb quality flower. The stall always has beautifully put together mixed bunches aplenty but also many single variety bunches, changing constantly throughout the season. Look out for the beginning of the Lily season which is not far away apparently. Down at Hotch Potch the organic flowers have been in steady development over the last few years as they have started to grow them alongside their vegetables and they now carry a great selection of mixed bunches every Saturday and indeed at the new Wednesday market too.

Other news this week is that there are 2 new flavours of Olive Salad at Chris’ Fresh Olive stall, Bath Soft Cheese are back (with that world champion Blue!), Brinkworth Dairy have got a really tasty Strawberry ice cream, available in a cone, as well as honey and their own very good blue cheese. May I also welcome back La Parisienne who have been away for over a month?