Gerb’s Stroud Farmers’ market news Wednesday 22nd January 2020

It will be a great market on Saturday with over 50 stalls in attendance. During the winter we need our vegetables for our health more than any time in the year and the vegetable stalls are as busy as ever. Hotch Potch Organic returns unusually in January for a one-off stall and Paget’s return after illness last week. Hotch Potch will have a stack of Crown Prince squash, a good selection of greens and a small selection of roots whilst there are still tunnel grown lettuce mixed leaves at Coleshill and cauli, cabbage, leeks, roots and potatoes etc available at the other stalls, Days Cottage also still have apples.

The quality of the livestock stalls is also as high as ever and with Sunday roasts high on the menu when it’s chilly it is difficult to find a better place than the farmers’ market with so much high-quality produce available in one place. A wide variety of breeds and the farming expertise of generations runs through the stalls and customer satisfaction has never been higher. Be it a pack of Mi Own sausages from Frocester Fayre, an organic lamb shank from Adey’s, a beef joint from Hinton Marsh farm or a pork pie from The Stowe Herd, you can’t go wrong.

In other news Raclette Raclette returns this week after a lengthy absence just at the right time of year considering the weather and Seb’s Cider’s stock has nearly all been guzzled and after this Saturday he will be away until the new batches are ready.